Welcome To Pradip K Datta Surgical Education Resources

Information technology has revolutionised the dissemination of knowledge and the processes of learning. This facility is global and available in the comfort of one’s home. The scope of this resource is unlimited because of the very nature of the medium – it is unrestricted by space and by the availability of colour images which are an integral part of surgical teaching. The role of the written word in a printed medium is fast diminishing as the present generation wishes to be constantly connected to their means of acquiring knowledge through smart phones, tablets or other interactive digital mediums; however, the demise of the book is exaggerated, although its use is on the wane.

This teaching resource is meant for anybody anywhere in the world wishing to learn surgery either simply to acquire knowledge for the sake of it or as a means to an end of passing an examination. It is hoped that the vast majority will use it for the latter purpose; obviously it is meant for those in the English-speaking world.

To start with, the material will be available in three sections: (i) for the higher surgical trainee preparing for the FRCS examination in General Surgery with a special interest (ii) for the basic surgical trainee preparing for the MRCS OSCE (iii) for the undergraduate. It is hoped that in due course, the facility would be extended to nursing, physiotherapy and paramedical groups.

This educational tool is aimed at those sitting postgraduate examinations in the United Kingdom, the Indian subcontinent, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand leading to the qualifications of FRCS, MRCS, FCPS, MS, MD and M.Ed. By its very nature, this medium is eminently suited to being updated at regular intervals. Unlike books, one does not need to wait for 3 or 4 years for the next edition to come out.