Frequently Asked Questions

help_outline In what way is this book different from others? keyboard_arrow_down

This book is written in a way to help the reader remember facts by separating the ‘wheat from the chaff’. Liberal use of images and pictures will help the knowledge to stick in one’s mind because ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Algorithms and flow-charts are used in abundance; this is a much more efficient medium to get a message across than sentences in paragraphs that are found in traditional books.

help_outline Will this book help me to pass examinations? keyboard_arrow_down

Yes. The user can pick and choose the material necessary for the particular examination for which the user is preparing. This resource is presented in such a way as to make it eminently suitable for examination candidates in a question and answer format.

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To start off, the young prospective doctor doing the Final MBBS will find all that he/she wants and more to pass the surgery component of the examination. The basic surgical trainee doing the MRCS OSCE will be able to take out material that is specifically needed for most of the stations for that examination. The higher surgical trainee sitting the FRCS (Exit) examination in the UK and FRCS (International) will find this resource an ideal preparation. The questions asked and the answers that follow are exactly what the examiners are looking for in Section 2 of the FRCS.

This site will cater for postgraduate examinations in India (MS, DNB), Pakistan and Bangladesh (MS, FCPS) and Sri Lanka (MD). It will cover most of the questions asked in the above examinations. This site will cater for most postgraduate surgical examinations in the English-speaking countries as the knowledge and presentation expected from the candidates are very similar with minor regional variations in the type of clinical cases seen.

help_outline Will this source be updated regularly? keyboard_arrow_down

Yes. This will be done on a regular basis. Unlike in a book, the reader will not have to wait for almost 4 years for the next edition. It will be updated and refined on suggestions from users on a 6-monthly basis.

help_outline Is this a single author contribution? keyboard_arrow_down

The vast majority of the contribution is form one author (PKD). In sections where other authors have made contributions, the names will appear at the start of the section.